Thursday, December 31, 2009

DAMN people! Why are ya so difficult to track down?

For all of you wondering why I cant provide guests more frequently...lemme explain. For every guest that I get to sit down for an interview, I have exchanged about forty emails back and forth trying to arrange a time and place....I have probably gone through at least three cancellations and rescheduling...not to mention an occasional mood swing or change of heart.
Its tough.
But hey, I pledge to hang in there and keep hammering away for you lovers of improv.
Happy Nuevo Ano

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Better Living Through Improv

On my website....(not this blogsite) I have written "Better living through improv." What that means to me is that I do improv, and encourage others to do improv to improv their lives and improv the peoples lives around them. It is not a path I travel for fame or noteriety. I do improv and teach improv for the joy it brings me and others. If other people dont understand it, or judge me for it, so be it. They can waste their lives chasing a monetary goal or an illusionary status, and leave this world unhappy. I dont think anything is wrong with success, money or fame in themselves...but as a byproduct, not as a main goal. I want to be happy, I want the people in my life to be happy.
People may never understand your reasons for doing things altruisticly...but thats okay. keep doing what you know is right.
Without mentioning the particulars, im engaged in something right now that I know is right, and it makes me happy, and it makes other people happy. Some people in my life dont understand why I am doing it. Thats okay. Maybe thats what makes me different, and I shouldnt fault them for not seeing the world as I see it. It takes all of us in life to enrich eachother and give contrast to eachother.
If you are doing something altruisticly out of the goodness of your heart, and some people take atvantage of your kindness...thats on them. it doesnt change the good intentions that you had-or the good karma you are generating :)
I know-this blog entry is a little bit coded and random. I hope it reaches someone who needs to hear the message, however rambling and vague it may seem.
Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

thin the herd please!!!!

I wonder what the need is to have as large of a troupe as possible on stage? The only thing I can think of, is people dont want to be the "bad guy" by telling people that the cast is full, or not looking for extra performers. Please....SOMEONE, be the bad guy! I would rather watch a novice improvisor go onstage with their own troupe of novice improvisors, than watching an awesome group with one novice sticking out like a sore thumb, and holding the group back. That is one reason why I love having workshops and places where improvisors of ALL levels can play together and be supportive of each other....and then when it comes time to do a show, only the top level improvisors can play. Do I sound like an ass? Fine. I wish more people would be asses then downgrading the whole show experience. I beleive in giving learning performers all different kinds of opportunities, including their own "Showcase" venues...but really...take it from me...the one guy/gal that you are letting tag along during your performances, is really distracting to the audience when you have billed your show to be "the BEST improvisors" or "Improv Allstars" etc.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

new Podcast avail!!!!

The new podcast features my recommendations of improv books.

It was a noisy day in the studio, with the heater launching on several times, and my sweety chihuahua barking at something...but all in all, i think the sound quality is improved in this episode. I hope you like it.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

bear with me folks...or FROG with me.

be patient please...while i experiment with different microphones, and equiptment to find what works best. I know my sound sucks right now...but Im working on it. Unfortunately, I got no one to show me nuthin-I'm strickly going by trial and error.
I have two mics so far, buying a third this month. Also trying several different recording modes.
EVENTIALLY......I will chance upon the right equiptment that suits my purpose. After all, even a blind chicken eventually pecks at a kernal of corn!!!!

Also, there will be some more interesting shows down the tube. Im kinda holding back on those shows til I work out the technical aspects first.

Thanks for stickin around.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

thanks buddy

I wanna thank my roomate and little buddy Cruzito for nursing me back to health when I was sick with the flu.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Yuck. I was side-lined by the flu. It wasnt the H1N1, but mustve been only a few bacteria short of it. Luckily, I had a warm place to sleep, with an attentive chihuahua who nursed me back to health, and I am finally back. So-you will be hearing a new podcast soon :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Im so thankful for all the laughs I've enjoyed watching my favorite improv groups perform. It really has lifted my spirits. I have met some pretty awesome and inspirational people this year.
I cant move very much right now due to the amount of food I have ingested, but I can still manage a simple blog entry to say thanks. You all have made my year "good-fun".

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where's my Comedy Partner?

People ask me all the time. "When are you gonna form an improv group?" At the risk of sounding elitist...I dont form a group, because I have high standards, and I'm waiting to find the person or people who meet those standards. Now, before anyone calls me an egotistical snob.... I am NOT talking about talent. Yes, I do expect a moderate level of talent from my performance partners, but beleive me-that bar is pretty low.
Rather, what I am talking about is my expectations for peoples behavior OUTSIDE of performing.
Heavy drug users and alcoholics need not apply firstly. But what i find most common in potential performance partners is their disregaurd of common courtesy in replying to calls and emails or text messages. If it takes me sending eleven emails to you in order to get ONE do I think you will be when it comes time to communicate details about shows, rehearsals etc?
Obviously, I have respect and admiration for your talent-or I wouldnt be interested in moving forward in any artistic venture with you. But if getting a hold of you, and scheduling meetings, and bending over backwards to accomodate your availability, proves to be too much a chore...its a sign to me that I probably would be better off with someone who is easier to communicate with. Isnt it strange with so many more avenues for communication (emails, text, cell phones etc.) that some people still take weeks to respond? That kind of casualness in responding is not what i am looking for in a serious artistic partner.
So-until I find those people...I will wait patiently. No rush, no hurry. Dont jump into the sack with the first gal or guy that comes along...because when Mr. or Mrs. Right comes along-you want to be available. Peace Love.

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Podcast guest preparation begins

No, I'm not naming names...yet. But the initial contact has been made, and shortly we will be able to officially anounce who the next guest on the Improv Frog Podcast will be.
Hopefully you folks will enjoy the guest(s) that I have chosen.
Until I can officially announce....STAY TUNED.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the Apple Sisters perform in Las Vegas 27 NOV.

The Apple Sisters. (A.K.A. Kimmy Gatewood, Rebekka Johnson and Sarah Lowe.) Perform at the Stage Door Theater at Town Square-6587 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas 89118, on November 27th at 10 pm.
These gals are amazing performers, and the show "Thanks for the Stuffing." is critically aclaimed, and award winning.
The show is ONE NIGHT ONLY.

To check out the gals, go to

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Last Men on Earth Podcast has been published.

The sound quality is low on the actual interview part, so bump up the volume to suit your comfort level.
Use the links at the bottom of the page to access the podcast.

Mike and Anthony pictures are also available at my webpage

enjoy the podcast.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Last Men on Earth will Debut

Ok, I finally got Anthony and Mike from The Last Men on Earth to sit down and re-podcast, months after I messed up the origial podcast in the editing bay.
Mike and Anthony was fun and insightful, and true to their healthy lifestyle, refused to eat the cupcakes that I put out for them to eat. They did walk off with the bottled water I provided each of them.
I got the podcast. In the next few days I will edit and publish.
Thanks thanks thank thanks thanks for hanging in while I was in a holding pattern. I really wanted Anthony and Mike to be my first improv group interview, so I was was holding off on anyothers until I got them in the can.
Hope everyone had a nice Holloween and now we can move forward to the REAL holiday...Thanksgiving!
My Aunt is the best cook in Las Vegas, dont be a hater!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Things to Consider when choosing an Improv Class

There is a new podcast featuring some things you should consider when choosing an improv class that is right for you. Check it out.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Are ya still having fun?

Hey, remember how much fun you had in that very first improv class that you ever took? Now, its years later and you're onstage and your face is all screwed and twisted, brow furrowed, and your whole body shows the strain going on inside your brain. What happened?
Stop being so serious! dont put all that pressure on yourself to be funny clever and witty.

Just be present, and enjoy yourself. Have fun, dont judge the audience, dont judge your fellow players, and dont judge yourself.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Where did my audience go?????

You started out attracting a good size, and enthusiastic audience, but now your house is more than half empty. What went wrong?
Who knows...but there is a good chance that something needs to be changed.
The most likely culprit in these economic times are your ticket prices. Perhaps you need to outright drop your prices, or at least offer "specials" and discounts on occasion. My personal rule of thumb for improv shows is ten dollars and under. If the price is ten dollars, I will probably see one or two shows a month. If its five dollars, I will see four shows a month.

If you already have low prices, and have lost your audience-it has to be something else.
Perhaps the quality of your shows have slipped. We all want to get stage time, but not everyone is really ready to be on stage. I think having novice performers on stage can drive away audiences. Perhaps have one show a month featuring the up and coming performers, and keep the rest of the shows strictly to the best and seasoned performers.

And finally, look at the format. Beleive it or not, audiences get bored with the same format.
If all you are doing is some type of long form, where you do scene one, two, three....and then heighten one, two, three over and over until the end. well then, that format gets played out.
I'm a big fan of troupes who have thier own format which is different from what everyone else is doing. And even then, after awhile...they will change their own format.

On a side note...I love improv audiences (for the most part). I am always constantly meeting the friendliest people in the audience, and the most easily approachable people. I think its because people come to see a show in a good mood. they are ready to have a good time, and they want to have a good time. so give thanks to your supportive audience members individually when you can.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What do I do BEFORE a show?

Number one thing? Sleep. I have to catch a nap before a show. This serves three functions. it gets me rest, stops me from pacing back and forth and disturbing my downstairs neighbors, and stops me from eating. Eating before a show makes me feel sluggish. After the show I eat my way all the way home, and then eat when i get home.

I spend a little personal grooming time in the mirror. Thing is, when not performing I never do ANY personal grooming. I just dont care. But on a show night I will take care of those things that I neglect in every day. this includes nostril hair trimming, and eyebrow trimming. Now, I am not a fan of guys who shape their eyebrows like a womans. I hate that. But I do take care of the stray hairs, so they are not all Andy Rooney.
A good close shave. Some gel on the hair. and a nice ironed shirt with a tie.
Plenty of underarm spray.

I must say...I was the sharp looking one out of our troupe.

Monday, September 28, 2009

What do I do after a show???

Had a moderately succesful show tonight. No major flaws by myself or team This is Las Vegas a 24 hour hotspot, I know you are all wondering what I do after the show with all my pumped up energy?
Straight home. Downloaded a song that had been banging around in my head all day ("Stay" by Shakespears Sister.) straight to the refridgerater....began cooking a late dinner, since I starve myself on show nights. I am making a southwest style chicken breast. And turn the tv to Nancy Grace, pour a tall glass of chocolate milk...and thats it.
I know I have an exciting life.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Demetri Martin

Comedian, actor, correspondent from the "Daly Show" Demitri Martin is hilarious. Agreed? Check him out in Comedy Central's "Important Things with Demitri Martin." available on DVD.
Of coarse by now most people know he dropped out of law school with just ONE year to finish, so he could pursue his comedy career.
A distinctive comedic voice, he should be on your list to check out, and follow his career. He has a long time ahead of him, and undoubtedly will change the comedy landscape for years to come and inspire the next generation of comedians.
Inspired in part by the dry humor of Steven Wright...but with a voice of today's young generation.
he is sweet, confident, and comfortable with himself. And most importantly funny.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

6 Questions with the Last Men on Earth

Here is a link to six questions I asked Anthony and Mike from the Last Men on Earth.

I had asked them these questions in anticipation of the podcast session which would come later. And since I blew the podcast with some technical malfunctions....all I have to salvage is this written interview. Mike and Anthony are both charming and polite. And I am scary. Like in the perverted way. may be awhile before they sit down for a re-do of the podcast. My fingers are crossed. In the meanwhile...enjoy reading their responses to these six questions.

Check these DVD's

A list of my fave DVD's featuring talented improv and sketch comedy players:

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Strangers with Candy
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Chappelle Show
Ali G
Reno 9-1-1

Lets Get Physical

Hey, if you are a big fan of improv theater, and you become really big fan's of certain specific performers that you go to see....I bet you can identify one common trait that all your favorite performers share. My guess is that they all are very "physical" performers onstage.
They use their entire body, not just their face and voice.
It is easy to tell a joke and get a big laugh if its funny, but if thats all you want to do...why not pursue stand up comedy instead of improv.
the great improv perfomers create great physical situations and characters using their body and movement that can garner laughs without a joke being necessary.
I hope all you students of improv start using your full bodies and movement from the very beginning of your journey into improv proficiency so that it becomes second nature.
have fun, and jump around!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Affordable Improv Classes in Las Vegas

I have been asked to teach improv at LVFREEZE in Las Vegas.
I will be teaching the intermediate class.
I love teaching improv, Im not especially eager to give up my friends and family time...but i'm not locked in to any long term contract, so-I will do it as long as it remains fun for me.

information can be found at

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

UPDATE on the Last Men on Earth

I have been promising a podcast with Anthony and Mike, the comedy duo from The Last Men on Earth.
It has been pushed back due to me being a retard.

I had them both sit down for a great podcast, I then went to editing in a brand new program that I bought. I guess I shoulda saved a back-up copy before getting to the editing. I erased the entire track.

The boys are hard to get together and sit down for an interview, and I blew it.
So apologies to all, and I will do my best to wrangle them together again. It just wont be as soon as I would want, because of their hectic schedules.

New Teaching Position at LVFreeze

I accepted a paid teaching position at LVFreeze. I will be teaching the Intermediate Improv class, every week on Sunday.
Why am I taking this position I ask myself. I've been there several times before, and always been frustrated in the end.
The truth is, I really do love teaching improv.
My frustrations in the past have come from differences of opinion with the school or sponsoring organization where I taught at.
I feel enough autonomy going into this specific situation that I dont worry too much about it.
I will be sacrificing my free time. Time I usually spend with family and friends.
The classes will be kept the money is not going to be that great. But it may be worth it in otherways, such as filling my heart with gladness.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My HONEST opinion? Well....not always.

If you are doing improv, there is a very good chance that you are connected with almost everyone in the local improv community where you live. I am always asked my opinion from performers who are just starting out in improv. they will invite me to a show, and then ask for my honest opinion. Sorry to tell you-in most instances, what I am giving you is not going to be my honest opinion. I beleive in encouraging junior talent instead of squashing it. If you are really that bad, I know you will eventually get that feedback from someone else, so it doesnt have to be me. I am more interested in you as a person. If you are a nice person and a bad improviser, I will be nurturing and complimentary to you. If however, in the rare instance that you are a bad person and a bad improviser, I will set you straight on both accounts. ONLY if you ask me.
Otherwise I beleive in keeping my mouth shut and moving on.

Now having said that...I will also state, if our relationship is professional, like you are taking a class from me, and I am your improv instructor...I will be honest. I will be encouraging, and positive, but honest. Instead of saying "you suck." I will tell you that it is premature for you to be onstage in front of a paying audience, and to continue working on your skills. I will identify the skills you need to work on, and help you monitor and track your progress. I will show you other people who are doing it correctly, and expose you to excercises that will help you.

Worse come to the no win scenario, I would encourage someone to invest in conventional acting instead of improvisational acting.

The Last Men on Earth...stay tuned

Great news. I have just secured an interview with Anthony Owliaie and Mike Cardella, the two darlings of the Las Vegas improv scene. Mike and Anthony are an improv comedy duo who perform under the name: The Last Men on Earth.

The interview will be in two parts.
Part one will be a simple six question written interview that will be published here on this blog site.
After that the duo will sit down for a taped interview which will be featured in its full length on my podcast.
So stay tuned.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Improv Aint Easy Folks!!!!

Wow, recently watched an improv troupe perform, and it was painful. Whats worse was this was the night I decided to sit in the front row. I usually am placed in the middle rows or even towards the back. I couldnt hide in the darkness. Although I wished a hole in the earth would have swallowed me up.
Here's the thing. Kudos for people being brave enough to take the stage and open their mouths to speak. But-that's not really good improv is it? Are you born funny, or can you learn to be funny? I dont know for sure, but it seems as though a lot of people who werent born funny OR learned to be funny-have decided to try improv.
I have always maintained that jokes, or being funny should not be your priority as an improvisational actor. But for heavens sake-its got to be somewhere on your skill list!
Humor and jokes should NOT take precidence over the integrity of the scene. But, audiences come to watch improv to laugh. Hence, you must know how to create humor through character, dialogue, physicality, and situation. Just being able to open your mouth and speak is not a marker of success in improv.
I think what happens is the BEST improvisors make it look easy. That is a testiment of their skill and artistry. However, dont be is NOT easy.
I just recently had a conversation with someone who had just taken TWO hours of basic improv instruction, and immediately wanted to join the main stage company and perform with them.
People...loved ones....dont rush things. Take your time, learn your craft, and people will let you know when you are ready. They will be seeking you out. They will be asking you to perform with them and join their group. Keep at it. Learn through trial and error. Take classes. Study. And when it is time to hit the main stage-go for it!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

become an Improv Mentor

Nothing gets me more excited than watching a "novice" walk into an improv workshop and take to the stage with gusto and fire in the belly. Maybe they lack some of the teqnics you have mastered over the years, maybe they didnt learn all the little "tricks" that you did...or maybe they just dont have the right amount of confidence in their own talent.
Consider taking the extra time and effort it will require to be an Improv Mentor to them. Guide them in the right direction, ease them into some advanced theories and practices. Bring them along to events, introduce them to people in the business. Give them a healthy dose of self confidence.
When I was just starting out, it was very common to hear my friends or other novices to tell me that I was really good or possessed talent. But these were my friends...I never was really sure if their evaluations of my talent were legitimate. But when someone who admired and looked up to and respected in the business took me aside to tell me that I had a talent for improv-it convinced me.
Now, whenever I see raw talent from a novice performer...I always make sure to take some time to let them know that I can recognize the potential for greatness in them, and encourage them to continue their efforts.
Beleive me, they will remember you for years to come, if not their whole life long.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Improv STARS on Adam Carolla Podcast

Two great episodes of the Adam Carolla Podcast which feature some outstanding Improvisers and their stories about their improv training and background can be foundon itunes or Adam's website

Look for the July 24th 2009 episode to listen to Paul Scheer & Rob Huebel from Upright Citizenz Brigade and MTV's sketch comedy show Human Giant.
the July 28th 2009 episode to listen to Cheryl Hines, who plays Larry David's wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Her and Adam are both alumni of the Groundlings Improv Trainging and share their stories about their time there.

Disclaimer: ADULT CONTENT.

Too Many Performers on Stage?

Hey do you feel about too many performers on stage?
To me it's distracting. I recently saw an improv group where there were eighteen people on stage. You know, say fifteen people standing in a row along the back, while three people are doing their scene...then one will get tagged out, or all three rotate out to be replaced by another group, while the ones tagged out, go to the background line.
Maybe its the OCD in me, but I cant concentrate on the scene-Im always keeping track of who has gotten a "turn." No matter what is going on in the scenes, Im concentrating on the people in back. "When is HE going to tag in?" or "SHE keeps playing with her hair." "Why is HE swaying back and forth?"

Too many people for me equals too many distractions.

If your improv troupe is too big, why not break it off into two seperate groups or three seperate groups?

My preference for groups are five members or less.

My current favorite group THE LAST MEN on EARTH, are two members.

Also, whenever I see groups with so many members-I automatically think amatuer. true or not, I have to call it like i feel it.

I say, for your workshop class...having all those people on stage is fine...but for the performances and professional shows....keep your head count down.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Best Improv Deal in Las Vegas!

Every Monday night the Onyx theater hosts the S.E.T
it is an improvisational show with usually three different improv groups.
tickets are ONLY seven dollars!
It is 8 pm at the Onyx theatre
953 e. sahara ave. 89169

Friday, July 24, 2009

Paul Scheer & Rob Huebel appear on Adam Carolla Podcast.

Adam Carolla, who attended training at the Groundlings and other improv schools, probably most famous from the Man hosts his own podcast.
On the July 24th 2009 he has as guests, Paul Scheer & Rob Huebel from Upright Citizen Brigade, and MTV's Human Giant sketch comedy show.
ADVISORY NOTE***it is Adult Content.

Adam Carolla's Podcast is the most downloaded podcast in history, with no signs of slowing down.

You can download via iTunes, or directly from his webpage

The three begin the show by talking about improv and pull no punches :0

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Paying for Classes.

You should ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS be excercising your skills by getting as much stage time that you can.
There are FREE opportunities to do improv, and there are PAID opportunities to do improv.
As far as improv classes are concerned, most of the times the old addage that "you get what you pay for" seems to be true. Although I currently am pursuing a free opportunity as well as a paid one. In taking a FREE class you give up certain things that you dont have to give up with a paid class. For instance, in a free class I will have to be subjected to some pretty stanky level performers, and possibly some stanky level intstuctors. I dont have the right to say, " I dont like this or I dont like that...why is this person in the class etc." Its FREE!
If the instructor wants to lecture 90 percent of the class time and only allow you onstage for ten percent....its FREE.
On the opposite end, there are classes/schools that are WAAAAAY over priced!
In theory, I beleive that you should have to pay something. Even a low-budget "token" payment. You will value something more if you are paying for it, even if it is three dollars a class.
you will show up on time and regularly to make sure you get your money's worth (pre-paid).
You will respect your teacher/instructor more.
On the other hand, you could easily be suckered into paying way too much for a class that you could get the same value at one third the price. Easily.
That decision must be yours to make. What are you paying for, and what is it worth to you?
Are you paying for the right to put a prestigeous name on your acting resume?
Are you paying for the opportunity to someday be advanced into a widely respected improv troupe?
Are you paying for time with a "name" instructor who has a legendary reputation in Improv?
Well, maybe all these thing are worth it to you then, to spend the overpriced tuition.
If you just want to learn the craft and be surrounded by people who are very talented and inspiring, and "name-recognition" is not important to you....then I would suggest something IN-BETWEEN the free classes and the over-priced classes.

You want to be surrounded by people who are slightly above your level, so that you can be brought up to their level. However rewarding it may feel dont want to be the "star" of your class, or the most talented or skilled.
You shouldnt be with a class that is way above your level either. This might damage your ego to the point that you think you are worthless or un-talented.
Find a challenging class taught by a capable instructor that is affordable.
And by 2009 prices, I would say anywhere between 60-200 dollars a month.
(once a week classes at two hours).

If you can combine, like I do....going to a paid class and a free class...better for you still.
Consider Community Colleges, Recreation Centers, Meetup Groups etc. as low budget or even free options.

When deciding to bust out the wallet and pay for that high priced your research. How respected are they? Where is the instructor from? What is their curriculum like? Who are their graduates? How many students per class? How much stage time can you anticipate? What are the requirements for going up to the next level or making it to the mainstage performing group?
What are their payment plans and cancellation fees? Can you "Audit" a class or instructor to see if you like it before paying?
Check the internet...better business beauro....craigslist etc.
Word of mouth is probably the best and easiest if you have a lot of friends in the business or are pursuing the business. What do they think? What has their experiences been?

Good luck.

Amatuer Improvisors

Hey guys...when I go to see a show, nothing more prepares me for the suspicion that I might be seeing a sub-par level performer or group, than having members going back and forth on stage or peeking out from behind the curtains. Especially the guy who crosses the stage getting "jiggy" with the piped in pre-show music.

During a recent show, a particular cast member took the stage prior to the show about every five minutes while doing his best "hip-hop" moves. Fully in love and impressed with himself.
Great thing was? Once the show started, and on his very first improv, and attempt at a gag that fell flat....he shut down completely. The confidence "bitch-slapped" right off his formerly smug face...and he didnt join in any other improv game...only stood by impotently and watched his fellow players join in.

Lesson learned? Save all your showmanship and clowning ability for the show, and not dancing back and forth on the stage prior to the show.

Bad Audiences are Usually Affiliated with the Improv Groups/School/Performers

When I see an improv show in a small theater, I often am annoyed by members of the audience. And of the times that I have been annoyed, a full 100 percent of those people would be considered to be associated with the Improv Groups performing or the Improv School which runs the show.
This type of behavior includes, but is not limited to activities such as these: Taking to the stage prior to the show. (You are NOT one of the performers). Arriving late, standing up, going to the restroom etc. during a performance. Talking amoungst yourselves during a performance. and most annoyingly, forced laughing over loudly at everything the performing troupe does, in an attempt to endear you to the troupe or school leader-who will then allow you to "go up another level" or join the troupe.

Yes, its nice to know someone in the performance, or to aspire to join the "mainstage group".
But the rest of us in the audience want to enjoy the performers on stage, not to watch you starving for aknowledgement and working your bits at inappropriate times.

Wait for the show to end. Give a flipping standing ovation if you want, meet the performers/staff members in the green room or outside and then do all your gushing there.
If you really want to be on and play hard, develop your skill, and earn your spot.
Stop trying to perform from the audience.
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