Monday, February 22, 2010

thank goodness for FUNNY people

Just a quick note to all the funny people in my life. Thanks for being there. Thanks for lifting my spirits. It makes me feel great to laugh. It fills my tank to get me through the struggles.
You guys are the best!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Great interview BUT I feel perverted

Cant let the cat out of the bag yet, for next months guest on the show...but, I want to talk about how PERVERTED it makes me feel sometimes getting the guest to sit in my car with tinted windows behind a bar, interviewing someone.
Guests are hard to get many times, and getting them to come to my home studio is usually to hectic coordinating I have to follow them around and be ready to wisk them aside when they have the time. I take them in my car because the music or background noise in the bar or event where they are at, is too noisy.
I have my portable mic and backup mic with me....and we do the interview, but it does have kindof a creepy feel to it. Should I get a better car?
It usually takes ten or fifteen minutes of the interview, I think, before the guest begins to feel relaxed.
So....I just wanted to let you folks know the length I am willing to go to bring the guests to you.
Even if it makes me feel creepy :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What is Mediafly and why should I care?

Glad you asked. As you know the podcast is available on iTunes. But not everyone has an iPod or an iTunes account. Well with Mediafly you can subscribe to the podcast and have it delivered to your mobile phone! You will have to check to see if it is compatible with your particular model of phone, but if your phone is less than two years old...theres a great chance your device is supported. Once you open an account (free) and subscribe to the improv frog podcast, it will automatically be delivered to your phone whenever a new episode comes out.

easy enough? Go to

Photo Page at FLICKR

I am putting surplus photos relating to the podcast at this Flickr account.

Whats up with the different sound quality on the podcast shows?

Ok...valid question. More often than not, a guest cannot come to my home to do an interview. Thats where I record all of the "non-interview" segments. So when I am at home, I use very high end microphones that are not "portable". Then I use different microphones when I am portable, meeting interview subjects. I also carry with me another type of portable mic at all times. Sometimes the idea of a segment will hit me when I am out and about or at work, and I use the mic that I have with me. So any one podcast episode may consist of segments recorded with three different microphones. The sound quality of each one will differ. When I assemble all segments, there will then be a difference in quality between the segments.
I do spend some time in post-production trying to "normalize" the audio as best as possible, but there still will always be a different quality when different mics are used.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New episode of the improv frog podcast

In the Superbowl Sunday episode, I interview Grant Waters who is the owner/operator of LVFreeze, an improv school and production company in Las Vegas.
Grant is heavily involved in producing improv shows for the hugely popular First Friday events, which take place monthly in the Arts District of Las Vegas.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Monday, February 01, 2010

sketch comedy writing class with Matt Donnelly

The first day of the class went great! Possibly because its so close to my house that I can sleep in! Matt Donnelly has a lot of insights that are so indesputible that even a Greek would have a hard time arguing with.

I am excited to work with the people in the class who all seem bright and talented.

Heres a picture of Matt in action.
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