Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Great interview BUT I feel perverted

Cant let the cat out of the bag yet, for next months guest on the show...but, I want to talk about how PERVERTED it makes me feel sometimes getting the guest to sit in my car with tinted windows behind a bar, interviewing someone.
Guests are hard to get many times, and getting them to come to my home studio is usually to hectic coordinating schedules...so I have to follow them around and be ready to wisk them aside when they have the time. I take them in my car because the music or background noise in the bar or event where they are at, is too noisy.
I have my portable mic and backup mic with me....and we do the interview, but it does have kindof a creepy feel to it. Should I get a better car?
It usually takes ten or fifteen minutes of the interview, I think, before the guest begins to feel relaxed.
So....I just wanted to let you folks know the length I am willing to go to bring the guests to you.
Even if it makes me feel creepy :)

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