Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Whats up with the different sound quality on the podcast shows?

Ok...valid question. More often than not, a guest cannot come to my home to do an interview. Thats where I record all of the "non-interview" segments. So when I am at home, I use very high end microphones that are not "portable". Then I use different microphones when I am portable, meeting interview subjects. I also carry with me another type of portable mic at all times. Sometimes the idea of a segment will hit me when I am out and about or at work, and I use the mic that I have with me. So any one podcast episode may consist of segments recorded with three different microphones. The sound quality of each one will differ. When I assemble all segments, there will then be a difference in quality between the segments.
I do spend some time in post-production trying to "normalize" the audio as best as possible, but there still will always be a different quality when different mics are used.

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