Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What do I do BEFORE a show?

Number one thing? Sleep. I have to catch a nap before a show. This serves three functions. it gets me rest, stops me from pacing back and forth and disturbing my downstairs neighbors, and stops me from eating. Eating before a show makes me feel sluggish. After the show I eat my way all the way home, and then eat when i get home.

I spend a little personal grooming time in the mirror. Thing is, when not performing I never do ANY personal grooming. I just dont care. But on a show night I will take care of those things that I neglect in every day. this includes nostril hair trimming, and eyebrow trimming. Now, I am not a fan of guys who shape their eyebrows like a womans. I hate that. But I do take care of the stray hairs, so they are not all Andy Rooney.
A good close shave. Some gel on the hair. and a nice ironed shirt with a tie.
Plenty of underarm spray.

I must say...I was the sharp looking one out of our troupe.

Monday, September 28, 2009

What do I do after a show???

Had a moderately succesful show tonight. No major flaws by myself or team members...so? This is Las Vegas a 24 hour hotspot, I know you are all wondering what I do after the show with all my pumped up energy?
Straight home. Downloaded a song that had been banging around in my head all day ("Stay" by Shakespears Sister.) straight to the refridgerater....began cooking a late dinner, since I starve myself on show nights. I am making a southwest style chicken breast. And turn the tv to Nancy Grace, pour a tall glass of chocolate milk...and thats it.
I know I have an exciting life.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Demetri Martin

Comedian, actor, correspondent from the "Daly Show" Demitri Martin is hilarious. Agreed? Check him out in Comedy Central's "Important Things with Demitri Martin." available on DVD.
Of coarse by now most people know he dropped out of law school with just ONE year to finish, so he could pursue his comedy career.
A distinctive comedic voice, he should be on your list to check out, and follow his career. He has a long time ahead of him, and undoubtedly will change the comedy landscape for years to come and inspire the next generation of comedians.
Inspired in part by the dry humor of Steven Wright...but with a voice of today's young generation.
he is sweet, confident, and comfortable with himself. And most importantly funny.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

6 Questions with the Last Men on Earth

Here is a link to six questions I asked Anthony and Mike from the Last Men on Earth.

I had asked them these questions in anticipation of the podcast session which would come later. And since I blew the podcast with some technical malfunctions....all I have to salvage is this written interview. Mike and Anthony are both charming and polite. And I am scary. Like in the perverted way. So...it may be awhile before they sit down for a re-do of the podcast. My fingers are crossed. In the meanwhile...enjoy reading their responses to these six questions.


Check these DVD's

A list of my fave DVD's featuring talented improv and sketch comedy players:

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Strangers with Candy
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Chappelle Show
Ali G
Reno 9-1-1

Lets Get Physical

Hey, if you are a big fan of improv theater, and you become really big fan's of certain specific performers that you go to see....I bet you can identify one common trait that all your favorite performers share. My guess is that they all are very "physical" performers onstage.
They use their entire body, not just their face and voice.
It is easy to tell a joke and get a big laugh if its funny, but if thats all you want to do...why not pursue stand up comedy instead of improv.
the great improv perfomers create great physical situations and characters using their body and movement that can garner laughs without a joke being necessary.
I hope all you students of improv start using your full bodies and movement from the very beginning of your journey into improv proficiency so that it becomes second nature.
have fun, and jump around!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Affordable Improv Classes in Las Vegas

I have been asked to teach improv at LVFREEZE in Las Vegas.
I will be teaching the intermediate class.
I love teaching improv, Im not especially eager to give up my friends and family time...but i'm not locked in to any long term contract, so-I will do it as long as it remains fun for me.

information can be found at

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

UPDATE on the Last Men on Earth

I have been promising a podcast with Anthony and Mike, the comedy duo from The Last Men on Earth.
It has been pushed back due to me being a retard.

I had them both sit down for a great podcast, I then went to editing in a brand new program that I bought. I guess I shoulda saved a back-up copy before getting to the editing. I erased the entire track.

The boys are hard to get together and sit down for an interview, and I blew it.
So apologies to all, and I will do my best to wrangle them together again. It just wont be as soon as I would want, because of their hectic schedules.

New Teaching Position at LVFreeze

I accepted a paid teaching position at LVFreeze. I will be teaching the Intermediate Improv class, every week on Sunday.
Why am I taking this position I ask myself. I've been there several times before, and always been frustrated in the end.
The truth is, I really do love teaching improv.
My frustrations in the past have come from differences of opinion with the school or sponsoring organization where I taught at.
I feel enough autonomy going into this specific situation that I dont worry too much about it.
I will be sacrificing my free time. Time I usually spend with family and friends.
The classes will be kept small...so the money is not going to be that great. But it may be worth it in otherways, such as filling my heart with gladness.
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