Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lets Get Physical

Hey, if you are a big fan of improv theater, and you become really big fan's of certain specific performers that you go to see....I bet you can identify one common trait that all your favorite performers share. My guess is that they all are very "physical" performers onstage.
They use their entire body, not just their face and voice.
It is easy to tell a joke and get a big laugh if its funny, but if thats all you want to do...why not pursue stand up comedy instead of improv.
the great improv perfomers create great physical situations and characters using their body and movement that can garner laughs without a joke being necessary.
I hope all you students of improv start using your full bodies and movement from the very beginning of your journey into improv proficiency so that it becomes second nature.
have fun, and jump around!

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