Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What do I do BEFORE a show?

Number one thing? Sleep. I have to catch a nap before a show. This serves three functions. it gets me rest, stops me from pacing back and forth and disturbing my downstairs neighbors, and stops me from eating. Eating before a show makes me feel sluggish. After the show I eat my way all the way home, and then eat when i get home.

I spend a little personal grooming time in the mirror. Thing is, when not performing I never do ANY personal grooming. I just dont care. But on a show night I will take care of those things that I neglect in every day. this includes nostril hair trimming, and eyebrow trimming. Now, I am not a fan of guys who shape their eyebrows like a womans. I hate that. But I do take care of the stray hairs, so they are not all Andy Rooney.
A good close shave. Some gel on the hair. and a nice ironed shirt with a tie.
Plenty of underarm spray.

I must say...I was the sharp looking one out of our troupe.

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