Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Where did my audience go?????

You started out attracting a good size, and enthusiastic audience, but now your house is more than half empty. What went wrong?
Who knows...but there is a good chance that something needs to be changed.
The most likely culprit in these economic times are your ticket prices. Perhaps you need to outright drop your prices, or at least offer "specials" and discounts on occasion. My personal rule of thumb for improv shows is ten dollars and under. If the price is ten dollars, I will probably see one or two shows a month. If its five dollars, I will see four shows a month.

If you already have low prices, and have lost your audience-it has to be something else.
Perhaps the quality of your shows have slipped. We all want to get stage time, but not everyone is really ready to be on stage. I think having novice performers on stage can drive away audiences. Perhaps have one show a month featuring the up and coming performers, and keep the rest of the shows strictly to the best and seasoned performers.

And finally, look at the format. Beleive it or not, audiences get bored with the same format.
If all you are doing is some type of long form, where you do scene one, two, three....and then heighten one, two, three over and over until the end. well then, that format gets played out.
I'm a big fan of troupes who have thier own format which is different from what everyone else is doing. And even then, after awhile...they will change their own format.

On a side note...I love improv audiences (for the most part). I am always constantly meeting the friendliest people in the audience, and the most easily approachable people. I think its because people come to see a show in a good mood. they are ready to have a good time, and they want to have a good time. so give thanks to your supportive audience members individually when you can.

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