Friday, September 17, 2010

New FROG episode with Matt Donnelly

I'm very excited to announce that I was able to steal improv super star Matt Donnelly away from his busy performing schedule to sit down for an improv-related interview. Oprah doesn't have him, Letterman doesn't have him, Larry King doesn't have him....only Chili B with the improv Frog has him!
To see him perform only once, is to instantly be a devoted follower and fan.
In this interview we start slowly and innocently talking about his love and romance with Las Vegas' First Lady of Improv-Sarah Lowe....and end with a bombshell when Matt reveals his personal feelings towards the Second City business model.
I coulda talked all night, but unfortunately he had to go.
Tune in and be charmed. Remember I do this ALL for you!
at the end of the show I give two announcements for upcoming improv related events.
the first annual Red Rocks improv Festival, and Camp Improv Utopia.
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