Saturday, August 01, 2009

become an Improv Mentor

Nothing gets me more excited than watching a "novice" walk into an improv workshop and take to the stage with gusto and fire in the belly. Maybe they lack some of the teqnics you have mastered over the years, maybe they didnt learn all the little "tricks" that you did...or maybe they just dont have the right amount of confidence in their own talent.
Consider taking the extra time and effort it will require to be an Improv Mentor to them. Guide them in the right direction, ease them into some advanced theories and practices. Bring them along to events, introduce them to people in the business. Give them a healthy dose of self confidence.
When I was just starting out, it was very common to hear my friends or other novices to tell me that I was really good or possessed talent. But these were my friends...I never was really sure if their evaluations of my talent were legitimate. But when someone who admired and looked up to and respected in the business took me aside to tell me that I had a talent for improv-it convinced me.
Now, whenever I see raw talent from a novice performer...I always make sure to take some time to let them know that I can recognize the potential for greatness in them, and encourage them to continue their efforts.
Beleive me, they will remember you for years to come, if not their whole life long.

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