Thursday, July 23, 2009

Amatuer Improvisors

Hey guys...when I go to see a show, nothing more prepares me for the suspicion that I might be seeing a sub-par level performer or group, than having members going back and forth on stage or peeking out from behind the curtains. Especially the guy who crosses the stage getting "jiggy" with the piped in pre-show music.

During a recent show, a particular cast member took the stage prior to the show about every five minutes while doing his best "hip-hop" moves. Fully in love and impressed with himself.
Great thing was? Once the show started, and on his very first improv, and attempt at a gag that fell flat....he shut down completely. The confidence "bitch-slapped" right off his formerly smug face...and he didnt join in any other improv game...only stood by impotently and watched his fellow players join in.

Lesson learned? Save all your showmanship and clowning ability for the show, and not dancing back and forth on the stage prior to the show.

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