Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bad Audiences are Usually Affiliated with the Improv Groups/School/Performers

When I see an improv show in a small theater, I often am annoyed by members of the audience. And of the times that I have been annoyed, a full 100 percent of those people would be considered to be associated with the Improv Groups performing or the Improv School which runs the show.
This type of behavior includes, but is not limited to activities such as these: Taking to the stage prior to the show. (You are NOT one of the performers). Arriving late, standing up, going to the restroom etc. during a performance. Talking amoungst yourselves during a performance. and most annoyingly, forced laughing over loudly at everything the performing troupe does, in an attempt to endear you to the troupe or school leader-who will then allow you to "go up another level" or join the troupe.

Yes, its nice to know someone in the performance, or to aspire to join the "mainstage group".
But the rest of us in the audience want to enjoy the performers on stage, not to watch you starving for aknowledgement and working your bits at inappropriate times.

Wait for the show to end. Give a flipping standing ovation if you want, meet the performers/staff members in the green room or outside and then do all your gushing there.
If you really want to be on and play hard, develop your skill, and earn your spot.
Stop trying to perform from the audience.

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