Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Too Many Performers on Stage?

Hey do you feel about too many performers on stage?
To me it's distracting. I recently saw an improv group where there were eighteen people on stage. You know, say fifteen people standing in a row along the back, while three people are doing their scene...then one will get tagged out, or all three rotate out to be replaced by another group, while the ones tagged out, go to the background line.
Maybe its the OCD in me, but I cant concentrate on the scene-Im always keeping track of who has gotten a "turn." No matter what is going on in the scenes, Im concentrating on the people in back. "When is HE going to tag in?" or "SHE keeps playing with her hair." "Why is HE swaying back and forth?"

Too many people for me equals too many distractions.

If your improv troupe is too big, why not break it off into two seperate groups or three seperate groups?

My preference for groups are five members or less.

My current favorite group THE LAST MEN on EARTH, are two members.

Also, whenever I see groups with so many members-I automatically think amatuer. true or not, I have to call it like i feel it.

I say, for your workshop class...having all those people on stage is fine...but for the performances and professional shows....keep your head count down.

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