Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Last Men on Earth will Debut

Ok, I finally got Anthony and Mike from The Last Men on Earth to sit down and re-podcast, months after I messed up the origial podcast in the editing bay.
Mike and Anthony was fun and insightful, and true to their healthy lifestyle, refused to eat the cupcakes that I put out for them to eat. They did walk off with the bottled water I provided each of them.
I got the podcast. In the next few days I will edit and publish.
Thanks thanks thank thanks thanks for hanging in while I was in a holding pattern. I really wanted Anthony and Mike to be my first improv group interview, so I was was holding off on anyothers until I got them in the can.
Hope everyone had a nice Holloween and now we can move forward to the REAL holiday...Thanksgiving!
My Aunt is the best cook in Las Vegas, dont be a hater!

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