Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where's my Comedy Partner?

People ask me all the time. "When are you gonna form an improv group?" At the risk of sounding elitist...I dont form a group, because I have high standards, and I'm waiting to find the person or people who meet those standards. Now, before anyone calls me an egotistical snob.... I am NOT talking about talent. Yes, I do expect a moderate level of talent from my performance partners, but beleive me-that bar is pretty low.
Rather, what I am talking about is my expectations for peoples behavior OUTSIDE of performing.
Heavy drug users and alcoholics need not apply firstly. But what i find most common in potential performance partners is their disregaurd of common courtesy in replying to calls and emails or text messages. If it takes me sending eleven emails to you in order to get ONE do I think you will be when it comes time to communicate details about shows, rehearsals etc?
Obviously, I have respect and admiration for your talent-or I wouldnt be interested in moving forward in any artistic venture with you. But if getting a hold of you, and scheduling meetings, and bending over backwards to accomodate your availability, proves to be too much a chore...its a sign to me that I probably would be better off with someone who is easier to communicate with. Isnt it strange with so many more avenues for communication (emails, text, cell phones etc.) that some people still take weeks to respond? That kind of casualness in responding is not what i am looking for in a serious artistic partner.
So-until I find those people...I will wait patiently. No rush, no hurry. Dont jump into the sack with the first gal or guy that comes along...because when Mr. or Mrs. Right comes along-you want to be available. Peace Love.

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