Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the PLEASURE is all mine.

As a quasi-recluse, it is usually a chore getting me out of the house to be at any event that people gather at. Fortunately, my love of IMPROV trumps my desire to stay locked up inside.

When I go to improv events, I somehow am able to come out of my shell, and genuinely feel eager to meet new people and shake hands, and exchange pleasantries.

I am ALWAYS impressed with the friendly and interesting people I meet in the audience by going up to them and introducing myself and shaking their hands.
Oddly enough, the most interesting people I meet are not actors at all, just regular pedestrian audience members.

For every friendly person I meet in the audience of various shows and events I go to, I can truly say that the PLEASURE has been all mine.

So, until someone punches me in the face...I will continue to enjoy taking the first step and going up to total strangers and introducing myself and asking them a little about themselves.

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